Lani’s Lana

Modoc County, CA

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Lani’s Lana – Fine Rambouillet Wool


Article on the blog:   Cusp of a Revolution

As one of the Fibershed’s first members to implement carbon farming techniques into their ranching practices, Lani Estill’s Rambouillet wool is some of the first Climate Beneficial wool grown in California.  Working with rotational grazing, compost applications, creek restorations, and other land management strategies such as no-till farming, Lani’s Lana represents a product that enhances the healthy function and harmony of our natural world.

From Lani Estill, Owner/Operator “The Estill Family has been ranching in California for generations.  The Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California is the headquarters for the Rambouillet sheep operation in the High Desert area of Great Basin in Northwest Nevada and Northeast California.  The sheep range runs from Sulfur Mines, NV to the Warner Mountains, CA.  The sheep graze on Forest Service and BLM public land grazing permits for much of the year.  They lamb outside under the watchful eye of the sheepherders and their dogs.  It is a lifestyle rooted in tradition and grandeur.  Close to the earth, close to nature and ever so open and exposed to elements beyond control of man.

The Rambouillet breed of sheep is closely related to the well known Merino breed.  The Rambouillet wool is the same soft fiber as the Merino, but the breed has been adapted to fit the American open range model of raising sheep.  They are perfectly suited to large, wide open outside country and their gregarious, herding instinct has made them the perfect breed for our area.”

Photo Credit: Paige Green