Luma California Farms

Penngrove, CA

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Luma California Farms is a licensed living soil outdoor cannabis farm focused on regenerative practices and highlighting our unique geographic location and terroir. We believe the soil food web isn’t just about microbes in soil, it encompasses plants and animals above ground as well. The waste from farm animals are packed with nutrients and microbes that will help us restore our land and feed our plants. We feed our worm farm with organic material from our leaves and food scraps, allowing us to make our own microbe and nutrient rich vermi-compost. We ferment fruit and prickly pears from trees and cacti on site to use as fertilizer and also collect blooming plants around the farm then used in our compost teas, helping us close loops and recycle nutrients back into our soil. These techniques are all essential building blocks to cultivating new microbial species and creating healthy balanced soil. In doing so, we allow our plants the opportunity to reach their full genetic potential.