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Vacaville, CA

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Robin Lynde, of Meridian Jacobs in Vacaville, California, weaves a variety of unique pieces from the wool her sheep grow. Robin selects her sheep for top quality, soft fiber and uses only the best for producing her yarns. She carefully selects and sorts the wool to be sent to the mill for spinning, creating unique yarns from each year’s wool crop. Robin weaves blankets on a 60” wide, 16-shaft AVL dobby loom.

Meridian Jacobs is home to a breeding flock of about 65 Jacob sheep, but it is also a full-service fiber business, stocking spinning and weaving equipment, farm-produced and commercial yarns, Robin’s handwoven pieces, and gift items. Robin teaches classes in weaving, spinning, and dyeing and hosts Open House events three times per year. She created the popular Farm Club for people who want to know more about what it takes to raise sheep and produce fiber.

In addition to the Fibershed Marketplace, Robin’s pieces are for sale at The Artery in Davis, California and on her website.

Photo Credit: Paige Green 

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