Olivet Ranch

Santa Rosa, CA

Website  http://olivetranch.weebly.com/
Phone  (707) 526-4820

Gerry Lennox has been raising sheep in her family for generations. Since moving to her Olivet Ranch home in 1989, she has enjoyed caring for the multi-acre property and small flock of sheep with her family. In addition to the Ranch’s gardens and pastures, there are several Native California plant habitat areas. Wildlife like fox, rabbit, hawks, skunks, quail, hummingbirds, western bluebirds and king snakes also call the property home.

Caring for this land is a family affair, with each family member helping to keep the land and animals healthy and happy. From being extra hands during lambing season, to giving sheep shots, to building the perfect barn- there is always something for the Lennox Family to do at Olivet Ranch!

Photo Credit: Top, Debbie Wilson.  Bottom left & right, Olivet Ranch.