Olivet Ranch

Santa Rosa, CA

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Olivet Ranch began with my grandfather’s small suffolk flock in the 1980s while I was in 4-H. It has evolved into an experimental sheep ranch to balance maximizing farm efficiency with restoring ecological and fiber diversity while I was studying biology. Our mission is to implement environmental solutions that maintain the resiliency and efficiency of our working landscapes. Today we install watershed-friendly drainage systems and adapt simple shepherding techniques to design grazing systems around Santa Rosa. Our flock is a unique mix of color, breeds, and personalities. Olivet Wool is the product of slowly selecting genetic variations with excellent quality texture, color, and crimp. We offer:
– Fleeces ranging from white, silver, tan, brown, and black.
– Wool throws are rugged, cozy, gorgeous, natural pelts.
– Locks are washed very fine curls and dreads for numerous craft projects and creations.

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