Pennyroyal Farm

Boonville, CA

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Pennyroyal Farm is committed to sustainability and modern farming practices. It was conceived as a minimum-waste farm and takes into consideration sustainable design—from constructing solar panels on the barn to ensuring the size of the herd would produce enough manure to be converted into compost for fertilizing the vineyards. Leading the vision for the next generation, Sarah Cahn Bennett sees the vineyard, dairy farming, poultry, egg, fiber, fodder, wine, and other food production as essential to the long term health of farmland. With all of these activities taking place, we strive to be a regenerative vineyard in the mold of a traditional old-time American farm, and our wines reflect this dream. Pennyroyal Farm’s cheeses are made daily during our ten-month milking season – the herd takes two months off for maternity leave in the early winter. Each cheese is made in a small batch with milk from our own goats and sheep. This allows us to keep a close eye on every ingredient and step in the process and produce handmade cheese that taste of a special time and place.