Rare Rabbit Studio

Cotati, CA

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Website www.denisemarshallart.com
Email dmarhsallart@icloud.com
Phone (415) 827-0872
Instagram  @dmarshallart

I am a self taught wool fiber artist. I first discovered the craft of needle felting with wool in 2008. Creating with roving and specialized barbed needles is like fiber alchemy, allowing one to sculpt wool into amazing art forms.
I started teaching this technique some 8 years ago! It is my great pleasure in sharing this amazing bit of wool magic with others. It’s a skill most anyone can learn!

In 2021 I opened my own makers space… Rare Rabbit Studio! My realm is filled with folklore, fairytales, creatures, some seldom seen and of course WOOL! I recently purchased a felting machine which will add a whole new dimension to the felting process. I have a plethora of ideas!

In my studio I share needle felting classes twice a month as well as hold a once a month “Felting Frolic”. The frolic is a chance to gather and work on wool projects as well as introduce new friends to this craft. I hope you will visit my website, take a look around and perhaps, sign up for a class!

“The world is full of magic, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper” -W.B. Yeats