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Lagunitas, CA

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Red Twig Farm, a collaboration between Gina Smith and Heather Podoll, began at Gina’s home in Lagunitas, CA. As garden educators, we teach children and adults on sustainable farming practices and grow food for our families and local community members.

We planted our first indigo crop in the spring of 2015, and as a result, found ourselves inspired to learn more. This led us down the path of natural dyeing with local flora, which wove our love of plants, fiber, and food. We continue to explore the wide array of colors that can be coaxed from the plants around us. We offer dyeing workshops on the farm, as well as classes on food production and preservation, soil fertility, and overall nature awareness.

Over the years, we have discovered a mutual love for the magic that happens when people come together to share in the stewardship of the land and celebrate nature.

Photo Credit: Koa Kalish