Rusty Fence Ranch

Santa Rosa, CA

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Our farm is a legacy property originally purchased by Bob’s grandparents in the 30s. At that time, it was a chicken ranch with over 5000 hens and all the work was done exclusively by the family. Bob has so many fond memories of the abundance here and the hospitality his grandparents extended to the community, that when we moved in, we hoped to cultivate that once again.

We started with a few laying hens and their sweet rooster, Buddy, and shortly after that we adopted a small flock of Shetland Ouessant cross sheep and their guardian llama, Ravenna. Since then, our flock of sheep has grown in size and we now have primarily fine fleece Shetlands in white, fawn, gray, black and brown. Suzanne — inspired by several other women Shepherdesses in the area — considers herself a tender shepherd and all of our sheep have names. Our ambassador, Thor, is a favorite, often greeting visitors and hoping for a little attention from new friends.