Sophie’s Icelandic Sheep

Lake City, CA


Article in California Country magazine  Sheep to Shawl

Sophie’s Icelandic Sheep are part of Sophie Sheppard’s contribution to her family’s (comprising Sheppard, husband Lynn Nardella, and son Jason Diven) third generation 333 Ranch in Surprise Valley, California. With a focus on land stewardship, the family sequesters carbon with managed intensive grazing for their cattle and sheep.  The 333 Ranch is located in the highest density nesting area for state listed Greater Sandhill Cranes with half the ranch under permanent easement to protect wetland habitat for these magnificent birds.  The 333 Ranch raises organic vegetables and grass-fed lamb, beef, pork and chicken for the local community.

Sophie chose her Icelandic flock for their wool, meat quality, thriftiness and hardiness. A spinner and knitter as well as a painter, she loves the naturally colored wool for its ease of spinning and felting, its luster and long staple length.

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