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Vacaville, CA

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Article on the Blog  Farmer, Artist, Electrician, and Lifelong Learner

Stonehenge Llama Ranch is a multipurpose ranch in Solano County raising high quality llama fiber. Margaret Drew is an educator and a caretaker, a person who is always learning new things and has the consistency to see her work through to the end. She spends great care on taking care of her animals and producing high quality fiber, which she washes three times after shearing to make sure the fiber is clean and ready for spinning.

Contact Stonehenge Llama Ranch to learn more about the fibers and yarns available as well as the many other areas of expertise they provide.  As Margaret says, “I educate more than I do anything else.” From her homemade aquaponics system to her fiber farming to her natural dying to her management of her own three businesses, Margaret is a wealth of knowledge.

Photo Credit: Kara Fleshman