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Fairfield, CA

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Tolenas Mohair Farm was created June 7, 2014, when I purchased 3 goats from Sonrisa Farms, Lisa Colorado. The doe I purchased, Margurite, is registered with Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association. She is silver with black muzzle, legs, tail and ears. Margurite came to me with 3 month old wether kid, Francisco sire Johny, and 2 1/2 year old wether, Leonardo sire Rembrandt. Francisco and Leonardo are taupe color. In March 2015, I purchased from Sonrisa Farms, 2 does that Lisa rescued. Their background info is unknown, but during a November 2015 routine vaccine by DVM, I can estimate that the Pearl was probably born 2013. Also, Lily was probably born 2014. Pearl is glistening white and Lily is taupe like Francisco.
My goats graze each day with supplements of hay and sometimes grain. Our 2 1/2 acre property was purchased by us August 2009. The land was once a portion of Rancho Tolenas and remains as an unincorporated portion of Solano County. Sustainability and water conservation is primary focus of our land ethic. Solano Irrigation District supplies water to our farm. Now that I am retired as a forester from USDA Forest Service, I am learning holistic management of my tribe of goats. Lisa Colorado has been a great advisor and mentor. I joined Fibershed through my contacts with Linda Gamble, drop spindle instructor and Marie Hoff, of Hand Made Studio. I owe all my new learning skills from Lisa, Linda and Marie. I very much appreciate the knowledge they have shared with me. The network of Fibershed is most stimulating for me in learning a new aspect of sustainable, holistic agriculture in Solano County.
-Nancy Thompson
Photo Credit: Alycia Lang