Sarah Kaiser, Wild Oat Hollow

Wild Oat Hollow

Penngrove, CA

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Sarah started the Penngrove Grazing Project, a community-based, sustainable, land-management concept working to improve the health and aesthetics of the land while increasing atmospheric carbon sequestration into the soil. At the same time creating and enhancing the community in a very personal manner. She is practicing carbon farming practices by moving her flock in out of the fields in a rotational manner.  Sarah grazes animals to encourage deep root growth and build topsoil. Through managed grazing, she encourages the plants to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere and into the soil where it becomes a beneficial nutrient.   She is working to bring her sheep into the unused, mowed, and unmowed pastures in Penngrove in an effort to improve the soil, produce fine wool and support a cleaner and healthier environment and bring the community together around healthy soil.  Wild Oat Hollow has two flocks of sheep supporting two different neighborhoods in Penngrove.   One herd is a registered Romney herd and the second is a mixed flock of fine fiber breeds including merino, blue-faced leicester, wensleydale & cormo.   From these hard-working sheep she has yarn, sheepskin and whole lambs for sale.  Sarah also uses the milk from her dairy goats to produce climate beneficial goat milk soap and herbal face and body cream.

Photo Credit: Sarah Keiser