Wildcat Canyon Community School

El Sobrante, CA

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Our school is a community demonstration project for ecological repair and producing human material goods in a way that regenerates ecosystems. We are aspiring to create climate beneficial wool and partner with our small herd of 9 sheep to regenerate grasslands while managing stormwater and fuel loads. We would like to increase soil organic matter for better water holding capacity and reduced stormwater runoff into San Pablo Creek Watershed. We are working on water cycle education for pre-k through 6th grade students and their families. We are interested in implementing silvopasture, we are also engaging with the RCD to write a carbon farm plan, and to increase no-till food production for our school families and community. We are also interested in establishing tree crops via hedgerows and wind breaks.

We also are the home of The Practical Arts Collective, a community based program that teaches foundational skills for creating sustainable and eco-friendly textiles, empowering people to become independent makers and conscious consumers. The community program is a gathering space for anyone interested in the production of natural fibers through weekly and monthly meetings, workshops, and networking. Workshops will include weaving, natural dyeing, spinning, and mending.