Windrush Farm

Petaluma, CA

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Windrush Farm is a working sheep farm in Chileno Valley, California. Founded in 1995 by Mimi Luebbermann, the farm grew from an intention of living simply, farming fiber, and functioning as a quiet space for Luebbermann’s longstanding writing career. With the help of Mimi’s son, Arann Harris, Windrush Farm has since evolved into an educational facility educating and entertaining Bay Area children and adults about farm life, wool, and the real world of animals, grass and sunshine. Throughout the year Mimi Luebbermann and Marlie De Swart teach fiber classes using wool from the sheep on the farm. Classes are held in the farm’s original barn turned classroom. Surrounded by 24 acres and the farm’s animals they teach classes in spinning, plying, dyeing, specialized spinning, the Fleece to Garment class, and more.

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