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Growing & Processing Flax with Sandy & Durl of Chico Flax

Join us for a fun and informative in-person, hands-on workshop on planting, harvesting and preparing flax to make linen. Topics and demonstrations will include: Planting flax seed—broadcasting techniques versus row planting Harvesting flax—the right time to harvest for just fiber or fiber plus seed Bundling flax—preparing the harvested flax for retting Retting—both dew retting and […]

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Growing & Processing Flax with Sandy Fisher

Join Sandy Fisher of Chico Flax for an online presentation about growing and processing flax to make linen. Sandy will first show images of this year’s crop—growing, harvesting, retting in the field and in the tanks, and drying on the lines before processing. Sandy will then do a hands-on demo of all three steps of […]

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