A Very Heartfelt Fiber Farm

Written by Caroline Spurgin, Producer Program Intern, this blog post is the second in our 2014 series of producer interviews. Photos by Alycia Lang. If you look up the word “Heartfelt” in the dictionary, you will find it teased and picked into a broad array of elements. To be “heartfelt” is to be passionate, earnest, […]

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Fibershed Fashion Gala 2013

Fibershed is a project that is very close to my heart. I have been documenting Fibershed since Rebecca Burgess first started her personal challenge in 2010. I clearly remember the conversation Rebecca and I had in 2009 while we were sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to one of our Harvesting Color […]

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Fibershed Milling Update

We feel the overdue nature of this post, and it is a joy to finally see it materialize from the small crevices of free time we have to share our internal workings with you all.  You probably remember hearing about our first fundraising event for a regional cotton mill? It was almost two years ago […]

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Norlha: A Sister Fibershed

Brilliant blue skies and vibrant fields of alpine herbs are home to the Amdo Tibetans of Zorge Ritoma, the local fibershed of Norlha, a textile workshop meshing modern and traditional fiber practice. Zorge Ritoma on the Tibetan Plateau is home to Norlha, a textile workshop that specializes in creating gorgeous textiles from khullu, the soft […]

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Pokeberry Bliss

The 150 mile wardrobe challenge was a process of invention, innovation, risk and problem solving that existed and continues to exist under an umbrella of unknowns that perseveres in birthing both deeply beautiful garments and equally in depth questions about our material future. The Fibershed project that sponsored the 150-mile wardrobe is now a non-profit organization […]

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Stories from Windrush

Windrush Farm in Chileno Valley, California stands as one of our communities most endearing fiber and farming hubs.  Founded in 1995 by Mimi Luebbermann, the farm grew from an intention of living simply, farming fiber, and functioning as a quiet space for Luebbermann’s longstanding writing career.  The farm has since become a destination for Bay […]

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