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Spring Harvest Festival

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

Who Grows Your Clothes? We Do! Chico Flax   We plant, harvest, and process flax to turn it into Linen! Come see how we do it.   ENJOY - A tour of the farm LISTEN - To CSUC Agriculture and Engineering students talk about their work on the farm MEET - 5 Fibershed Producers who […]

Hedgerows & Harmony: A Hands-on Class

Potter Valley, CA Potter Valley, CA, United States

Learn all about planting and maintaining a hedgerow with Fibershed producers Chico Flax and Full Circle Wool in Mendocino County, CA! The class will cover: ~how to make plant selections ~brief history and context of hedgerows (the whys of planting a hedgerow) ~different applications for different agricultural purposes ~design and spacing ~infrastructure and irrigation ~maintenance […]

POSTPONED: Lets Harvest! Chico Flax Event

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

Chico Flax would like to let those who might be concerned for our harvest to not worry.  Due to this cooler weather, the flax has slowed down its growth naturally delaying the need to harvest. We will repost in a few weeks another harvest date. Please stay safe and healthy during these strange and trying […]

Building a United Nations of flax: Perspectives on Creating Small Scale Flax Growing and Processing Industries


This webinar hosted by Chico Flax of California includes a panel of experts from the United States, Canada, and Europe who are working to build viable regional flax-to-linen industries.  Speakers include small farmers who are undertaking flax production in collaboration with local universities, yarn manufacturers, and designers.  The webinar will address overcoming growing /production challenges, […]

Join Us at the Farm for a Field Day – Chico Flax

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

We are excited to welcome you in-person to a day of harvesting, demonstrations, raffle, presentations, and community! When: Saturday ,May 1st from 9am - 2pm COME SEE THE WORK WE HAVE BEEN DOING TO HEAL OUR SOIL AND THE EARTH THROUGH A CARBON FARM FUND WE RECEIVED THROUGH FIBERSHED. To bring back the health of […]

Flax Harvest at Chico Flax

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

Clothes grown right at home! Chico flax’s yearly harvest is the first step in making linen for fully local clothing and textiles. Come join our community harvest on Saturday, April 29 at 3239 Rodeo Avenue from 10am-3pm. Lunch, and comfortable gardening clothes recommended. Details to learn how to grow your own clothes on the Chico Flax Facebook […]


Flax Harvest Day at Chico Flax

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

Join us for Harvest Time at Chico Flax on Saturday, March 23 from 10am to 3pm! Don't forget to bring a lunch and wear comfortable clothes. Our location is at 3239 Rodeo Avenue. Come and experience the joy of harvesting flax with us! Contact for more information and to RSVP.

Flax Processing Workshop

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

Join us for a fun and informative in-person, hands-on workshop on flax. Topics and demonstrations will include: Planting flax seed—broadcasting techniques versus row planting Harvesting flax—the right time to harvest for just fiber or fiber plus seed Bundling flax—preparing the harvested flax for retting Retting—both dew retting and wet retting explained. We will discuss using […]


Spin Flax into Linen

Chico Flax 3239 Rodeo Ave, Chico, CA

This spinning class will be taught by master Spinner Stephenie Gaustad. In this class the students will spin the line flax, for warp, and some of the hackled tow for weft to make the weft notably different. Students will then size the warp, get it on the cardboard loom, spin a weft, to needle weave […]


Weaving a Rag Rug

It’s hard not to find a relationship to a Rag Rug. Many of us have them in our collection of weavings telling our family story though the weft or rags within the rug. Rag rugs were a solution to continue the life of a piece of clothing or fabrics rather them throwing them away. Today […]