Soil to Soil Podcast Ep. 1: Who Grew Your Clothes? with Stephany Wilkes

Soil to Soil
Soil to Soil Podcast Ep. 1: Who Grew Your Clothes? with Stephany Wilkes

Welcome to Soil to Soil, a podcast connecting the dots in the lifecycle of clothing and material culture, brought to you by Fibershed. Each episode offers a look at how, and why, our community is working to cultivate fiber and dye systems that build soil and protect the health of our biosphere.

Today’s conversation is a crash course in the many people who make it possible for us to wear a wool sweater, knit with a new ball of yarn, or sleep on a wool pillow at night.

Stephany Wilkes joins us to explore the question: who grew our clothes? Stephany is truly a renaissance human who wears so many hats, it’s hard to know where to start to describe her talents and all that she does: Stephany is a certified sheep shearer and wool classer, a writer, a teacher, a former tech industry project manager, and a contributor to many innovative efforts in our regional fiber system here in Northern California. We spoke just as Stephany was launching her new book, Raw Material: Working Wool in the West, about the people and processes that get us dressed but don’t appear on the garment label; about the influence of urban consumers on agricultural communities, and the bright spots that keep her hopeful in this work. 

Learn more about Stephany’s work through her website,, which includes information on her book and upcoming events including speaking engagements and readings. Stephany is chair of the Board of the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative, a member-owned collective that operates the Fibershed Marketplace: visit to shop and support producers directly.  And follow along on Instagram @ladysheepshearer.

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This episode is hosted by Jess Daniels, with production support from Whetstone Media and music by Arann Harris. Photo credits: top photo by @GynnaMade (featuring Gynna Made locally grown, handmade socks) portrait by Paige Green, bottom image by Jess Daniels.
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