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Website  www.2nfrom.com
Email  carol@2nfrom.com
Phone  (707) 934-5163
Instagram  @2nfromcarol


Article on the Blog  A History in Hats

Longtime hatmaker… using naturally colored cotton from Fibershed farm producer Sally Fox; felted wools from a diverse collection of sheep breeds at Fibershed producer Jackie Post’s farm (Sheep to Shop); goat hides, horn buttons, and fleeces from Fibershed producer Robin Lynde at Meridian Jacobs Farm; and a variety of other local natural findings that are incorporated into Carol’s products.

From Carol Frechette, Owner/Artisan “During my years of product design, development, and production, I have had access to exceptional textiles and trims from around the world. The mission of 2NFrom™ is simple — to use these sustainable fabrics and existing materials to create beautifully handcrafted accessories. I continue to source materials from unexpected places that inspire and bring character into each product I make.  Creative imagery flows into expressions of wearable art.”

Photo Credit:  Top & Bottom left: Paige Green; Bottom right: Raven Gray; Directory: Koa Kalish