Our Soils & Our Second Skin
November 7, 2015

Soil Sampling for Carbon & Igniting the tool library—what it means for our region
Presenters: Rebecca Burgess, Fibershed and Jaime Greydanus, Kaos Sheep Outfit

Your Resource Conservation District & Emergent supports for Carbon Farming
Presenters: Nancy Scolari, Marin RCD; Brittany Heck, Gold Ridge RCD; Valerie Minton, Sonoma RCD

Drought tolerant breeds: Story of the Santa Cruz Island Sheep and Navajo-Churro
Presenters: Lynn Moody and Debby Bradford

Fibershed Marketplace and Hands-on Demonstrations

Designer and Farmer Collaborations
Group 1: Heidi Iverson, Robin Pilatti, Barbara Fiorica, Peggy Agnew

Designer and Farmer Collaborations
Group 2: Jen Kida, Marie Hoff, Lisa Colorado

Designer and Farmer Collaborations
Group 3: Myrrhia Resneck (working with Sally Fox’s cotton)

Farmer & Artisan Documentation—how we tell our stories through photography
Presenter: Kristine Vejar, A Verb for Keeping Warm

The Wool & Fine Fiber Book, and an update on the Mendocino wool mill
Presenters: Rebecca Burgess, Matt Gilbert and John Kuhry

Videography by Bright Path Video.