For the Love of Place
November 19, 2016

Presentations focused on regional breeding strategies, biological and mechanical technology, Climate Beneficial Wool, ‘pro-sumption,’ true cost of raising sheep and making a garment by hand, the history of sheep production in our region, and a special visit by a distant Fibershed Affiliate community organizer who shared how their community is cross pollinating urban and rural sectors.

Rebecca Burgess

Connecting to place through land & animals
Brittany Cole Bush

Breeding Panel: Intersectional features between our land and sheep
Janet Heppler, Dan Macon, Robert Irwin, Lisa Leonard

True Cost: Tales from the Land
Jaime Greydanus, Carleen Weirauch, Aaron Gilliam, Ryan Mahoney, Jill Hackett

True Cost: Making a Sweater
Myrrhia Resneck, Emily Cunetto, Marlie deSwart

Hands-on Demonstrations

Biological and Mechanical Systems Coming Together
Jeff Creque, Ryan Huston, Krystle Moody, Kelsey Brewer

Climate Beneficial Wool – A Rancher’s Perspective
Lani Estill

National Mill Inventory
Jess Daniels

Updates from the Community
Loren Poncia, Jim Jensen, Marie Hoff, Leslie Adkins, Ariana Strozzi-Mazzucchi

A Fibershed Affiliate Shares their Vision
Jennifer Osborne, Upper Canada Fibreshed
Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks, Peggy Sue Collection

Videography by Bright Path Video.