To demonstrate our bioregional clothing model, and enrich our community building process, in 2013 we facilitated a round of Fibershed prototypes with a team of 30 designers and a handful of local ranchers (all living within 150 miles of one another). These teams of urban and rural talent created beautiful Fibershed garments, all of which were featured at a Gala Event on December 14th where over 200 members of the community came to feast on local food and were invited to wear local fiber. It was said by many in attendance, that the evening provided a living and breathing model of a harmonious future.

We are building a regional fiber system much like the work being done to localize food systems—we see the importance of celebrating, while educating our community about the importance of using natural local resources to create clothing for local populations. Given the state of our synthetic and exploitative fashion industry, it is vital to articulate and model a working alternative to ‘fast fashion’ that supports our local artisans, farmers, ranchers, and the health and wellbeing of our community of wearers.

Fibershed Fashion Gala, photo by Paige Green

Photos by Paige Green