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Beginning Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting is a way of creating garments, sculptures, hats and art pieces using the interlocking trait of wool fibers laid over silk. The fibers bond to the silk, creating a lightweight felted fabric that can be used in many ways. The technique was developed around 1992 by Polly Stirling, a fiber artist from New […]

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Wet Felting

Felting, while rather counterintuitive for a spinner, is such a fun thing to do. ​Wet Felting ​is a regular at the studio and the results are always stunning. You can ​register here​. 90 minutes, $60.

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Living on Earth

The project was recently documented for the Living on Earth radio program.  A great video was created on one of our Fibershed re-skilling days, a time when designers and artists come together to learn from each other– using all local materials.  In this case Katherine Jolda, one of our Fibershed felters taught everyone in the […]

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