Ahh… the First Socks

 These gorgeous socks were created with the wool of Windrush farm (30 miles) from my home.  The farm is run by Mimi Luebberman, a wonderful fiber enthusiast who has all of her sheep’s wool processed and naturally dyed for sale at local farmer’s markets.  She also hosts and educates the local community children in an annual farm camp, with her son Arann.

Cori Coccia is the knitter who composed this incredibly warm, form fitting, and cozy pair of socks; she is a wonderful Fibershed partner who I met at a local craft evening.

Cori caught my attention upon our first meeting–wearing an impeccably knit forest green cable knit sweater. Her precision and speed on the knitting needles is truly impressive.

Cori is lives in San Francisco, and is the only knitter who commutes to our knitting circles on her motorcycle.  She is quite a vision, (definitely breaking the stereotype of the typical crafter).  Thank you Cori for your awesome work!!

2 thoughts on “Ahh… the First Socks

  1. Are these available for purchase? We’d love to buy them as gifts for our team- we are nonprofit Kiss the Ground- focused on regenerative farming to draw carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil. Please let me know ASAP!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Gina, The socks featured in this post were hand knit in 2010, as part of Rebecca’s local wardrobe challenge. Much has happened since that time, and some of the makers that participated in creating that wardrobe, as well as other makers, are now members of the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative, and they offer their goods on the Fibershed Marketplace website. You can find socks here: https://www.fibershedmarketplace.com/search/socks.

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