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Textile and Fiber Policy 101: Influential New Legislation You Should Be Paying Attention To

Many regulatory systems shape our local fibersheds. Local, state, national (even international) policies and laws play an important role in influencing healthy and vibrant textile, fashion, and fiber systems. We put together a quick guide to help you understand some of the most influential new policies under consideration and what they could mean for transforming our material culture.

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How Fashion Companies Can Take Responsibility for Their Waste and Move Toward A Just, Circular Textile Economy

The consequences of the clothing industry’s high volume, linear production model are devastating. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that develops stewardship programs for producers to take responsibility for the end-of-life phase of their products. If done well, textile EPR could help catalyze shifts in textile material choices, production volumes, and design for longevity and circularity.

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Herderin Begins with the Body and Soul

“What if garment consideration began with asking: Where would you like to be held? Where would you like to have some more support? Feel some weight around your shoulders, or something snug around your low back or abdomen? Could a garment play a role in healing you? Could it feel like wearing a parent’s clothes? What can clothing do for us, emotionally?”

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