One Year

It has been a year since the one year challenge began… no bells and whistles went off, not even a sense of subtle satisfaction reverberated through me, the most apparent reality was that I, and this project are really just in process.  There is no going back to slapping on the old jeans, and white T-shirt before working at the farm…

But we have come a long way.. and the ‘we’ really became a ‘we’.  This image is a reminder of this journey– it all started with Heidi Iverson, Paige Green, and the love of natural dyes.  It grew into a community 30 times that size.  On our one year anniversary we bring the original team back together with a twist.

Here’s a Heidi Iverson hand-knit Sally Fox cotton tunic in two layers, dyed in indigo– worn by me at the dye farm, picture taken by Paige Green… thanks ladies, we wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

This way of living is about walking forward down the path.  The questions that now reverberate through me are ones of agriculture, land, mills, jobs, water, wool, carbon, cotton and community, and until those explorations and solutions are carried out and found… I and the many other’s involved keep going.

Thanks for reading this little interlude.. more on this beautiful journey soon…

12 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Happpy Anniversary and congratulations on your first year of this ginormous endeavor !!!! Love the picture above, the fields are beautiful but what you are wearing is just plain gorgeous !!!! I am just sooo happpy and tickled to have found your boook, love it soooo much, and your blog with all the uplifting and inspiring info you share/post here is sooo cooool : ) Thank you : )
    Also, Rebecca, wanted to let you know I went to one of the nurseries you list on your resource page in your boook, Flagstaff Plant & Seed, and purchased seeeds for next year and two plants, White Sage and Horsetail, yippppeeee !!!! I thought I had a source for pokeberry brush but turned out they won’t have them available this year. if you have an on-line source I would love to check it out : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ –

  2. Congratulations. What you are doing is really great.

    We have a similar project here with our own sheep and natural dyes. My daughter hybridized (4 way) a selection of woad that’s tripled its indigo output, for a multi-year, medal winning science fair project. Now we are reaping the benefits of woad that will grow in zone 3, with no fertilizers, and a short growing season (Only 12 frost free days this year).

    Wish you many more years of wearing clothes from your fibershed.

  3. Congratulations! I believe you deserve to feel a deep sense of accomplishment at the same time that you feel a strong challenge to continue moving forward. You did what you set out to do and opened many peoples’ eyes who never would have considered these issues without your impetus.

  4. i have followed this year of yours with curiosity and interest. i have even begun to question if i might begin to make some of my own clothes (i am fully capable, just not very interested), from fiber to garment. thank you, rebecca, for inspiration.

  5. Rebecca you have been such an inspiration to me and to so many others. Even if its some one that glanced through your amazing book, read an article about you or just heard about fibershed and its mission. This concept at least in my mind living is about living with in our means. It a sacred way to live and an ideal that we can strive towards together. Im honored to know you and all of the other fibersheder’s and to me the process is the most beautiful part about the it.

  6. Lovely, all of it~the community, the fibers, the dye process and the beauty that you bring to all of it. There are so many connections to be made within this Fibershed, I’m so happy to have been exposed to just a few, as they have become gentle reminders of the direction I wish to continue leading our little family~to know that we’re not alone in the big wide world, trying to shed the consumerist “ideals” that are all around. Happy anniversary~

  7. Waoo… Just saw the video on youtube, and then this blog!

    You are of amazing inspiration, what a fantastic initiative. Wish you so much more success,
    I wonder if people can buy these garments, if they can come from other parts to learn the craft, what a wonderful idea to pass on to who ever wants to learn… so many possibilities, so much awareness!


  8. I just want to say that I learnt about this blog today. Congrats on your first year! I want to give you a tip, have you ever tried to combine wool with wool from New Foundland dogs? It gives the most beautiful wool and is very warm for winter use. It looks like real fur when blended 50-50. When in use the garnments kind of grow (the fur arises) but one only need to damp it down to get the garnment as good as new. Very suitable for outdoor jackets amongst other things.
    I’ll try to see how far I can take this idea myself, but unfortunately cotton is not grown in my country. We do grow linen though and that’s a good alternative. Thanks for sharing.

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