Bringing Plants to the People

Written by Kara Fleshman, photographed by Alycia Lang It seems to be the case that once one opens themselves up to working with plants in any capacity, their learning never stops. Deepa Natarajan’s relationship with plants developed in many directions simultaneously. In following her curiosity, the many roads these plants have taken her down seem […]

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ImagiKnit: Haven in the Heart of San Francisco

Written by Sasha Wirth and photographed by Paige Green One might not expect to find a physical therapist, biotech consultant or lawyer helping customers in a cozy knit shop, but open the door to ImagiKnit and they’re all there, trading their prescriptions and case files for dye lots and skeins. Having spent her early career […]

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Red Creek Farm: A Homespun Homestead

Written and photographed by Brittany Cole Bush During especially heavy rains, a small creek running through Peggy Agnew and Jonathan Whipple’s parcel of irrigated valley in Mendocino County will turn a burnt red color from a loose patch of red dirt high up in the hills. It is from this phenomenon that the farm, nestled alongside rolling […]

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Grow Your Jeans: Made & Now Worn by the Community

Written by Laura Jean Schneider, with photographs courtesy of the author and Elaine Patarini of Paicines Ranch. I’ve purchased few clothing items with three-figure price tags. Yet, I’m in the midst of having a handmade sweater knitted from naturally dyed wool yarn that will easily compete with designer prices. Why have I made this choice? I […]

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The Stewards of Stinson

Written by Traci Prendergast and photographed by Koa Kalish Steeply pitched uphill, past Stinson Beach, a shared dirt driveway on Panoramic Drive leads to a creaky aluminum gate. Climbing down to open the gate and maneuvering the car inside, I am instantly transported to some south-facing beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Facing outward is an […]

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Harvesting Liberty: A Short Film

Written by Rebecca Burgess Harvesting Liberty is a film that captures a story of a vision made manifest, a creation process that somehow made it through the veritable tsunami-like conditions created from the aftermath of the changing of antiquated laws, and the tour de force of promises brought forth by many-a-businessmen that followed this political […]

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