Fibershed 2021 Symposium: Presentation by Karen Hampton & Conversation between Karen Hampton and Teju Adisa-Farrar

The following is a presentation by textile artist, anthropologist, and storyteller Karen Hampton, followed by a conversation with Teju Adisa-Farrar. An internationally recognized conceptual artist, Karen Hampton will discuss her use of textile as a language that connects history, ancestry, landscapes and visual art, and some of the influences that have shaped her work. She shows how she integrates the role of a weaver with that of a griot, the storyteller. Teju Adisa-Farrar is a writer and geographer whose work centers on climate and environmental justice, adaptive responses, ecological resilience and cultural equity.

This conversation took place at the Fibershed 2021 Wool & Fine Fiber Symposium.

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Karen Hampton

Teju Adisa-Farrar