Tag: Japanese indigo

Researching Blue

The fibershed challenge to resource local organic color and fiber from our bioregion has inspired the cultivation of many favored dye species.  What you see occurring in the picture above is a daily pre-sunrise ritual…. the watering of the Japanese indigo test plots. There are four sites where we are currently growing the plant– each […]

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Indigo Evening Update

The little indigo starts that we planted have made themselves completely at home on the mountain farm. Its just been a couple of months now, and the plants are bushy, leafy, and creating the perfect biomass for our natural dye purposes.  Our row is surrounded by calendula, camomile, and poppies–all of which support water retention […]

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Planting Blue… in the rain.

The quiet of the sky, and the interspersed drops of rain were a welcoming combination that led us to the western end of the San Geronimo Valley.  It is here where Mt. Barnabe stands–its southern exposed slope is covered in chaparral (filled with dye plants), to the north the ridges are dotted with douglas fir, […]

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