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The Fibershed Project was launched this Saturday! The challenge of creating and wearing clothes whose fibers and colors are all sourced within 150 miles of my front door, has begun. The wardrobe itself is in the making—with an expected “wear-date” of late April/ beginning of May.

Our fundraising launched us beautifully—we now have an immediate budget of $5,285 to get us moving forward. I’ve already been able pay Sally Fox, the organic cotton farmer, Julie Rosenfeld—the Alpaca rancher, and the Yolo County Mill! Our raw fibers are being brought together—and I’m meeting with knitters and spinners this weekend. We’re on our way!!!

Our  evening of food, learning, and the sharing of new ideas drew an array of people from around the Bay Area. The Fibershed team was all present, photographer Paige Green, designer and artist Heidi Iverson, and the documentary film team Melissa Mansfield and Averan Gale. We feasted and celebrated with Robert Sinskey biodynamic organic wines, Nicasio Valley and Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, Drakes Bay oysters, and we absorbed the delicious textures of foothills alpaca yarns, Mill Valley hybrid wool, Mendocino angora, and merino. Being so absorbed in the event, I almost completely forgot to take pictures… Just a few late night snapshots that document our festivities exist.

Melissa Mansfield and Averan Gale show the connection between the Slow Food and Fibershed Movements by illuminating the exquisite taste of a Mendocino Merino dyed in Pine Bark. Photo at top, left to right: Elizabeth Barnet, Caroline Macarah, Rebecca Burgess, Nancy Ottentstein, Averan Gale, Melissa Mansfield

The presentation on the Fibershed project included a rundown of the issues we face surrounding the environmental impact of the textile and clothing industry. From personal health to the CO2 footprint—the manufacturing of  textiles is in need of an overhaul.

Fibershed seeks to explore the bioregional solutions available to us—in the interest of creating local jobs, expanding the opportunities for small organic fiber farms, and restoring a knowledge base of how to make and process fibers to secure our need for warmth and beauty.

Thank you to all who came, and all who contributed; we are so deeply grateful for your awareness, and commitment to making life both better and possible for the coming generations.

We’ve continued our grassroots effort with a kickstarter campaign, so that we can move this project forward into a full year of success. $1,325.00 in pledges have been made.  Our goal is $10,000 and we’ve met 13% of it, in just two days!

This contribution circle includes:

Elizabeth Barnet

Jeff Coleman

Dustin Kahn

Ken & Kerry Keefe

Nancy Ottenstein

Peggy Rathmann

Lindsay Ridell

Stacie Wickham Shepp

Sue Warhaftig

John Wick

2 thoughts on “Fibershed Fundraiser

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    It was wonderful attending your launching of Fibershed, giving me a greater understanding of your amazing work! This blog is terrific and your web site so beautiful. It’s going to be very exciting to watch this fabulous project grow! All the best. Suzi

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