How 10 innovative makers and designers are incorporating Climate Beneficial fiber into their products

At Fibershed, we see a nourishing tradition emerging that connects us to the fields where clothes are grown in a system that can last for countless generations into the future. What if we told you that certain natural fiber production practices can not only mitigate harm to the environment — but benefit and protect it? Climate Beneficial™ agriculture and the natural fibers produced from these systems contribute to healthier and more resilient ecological and human systems, providing a refreshing alternative to the negative environmental and social impacts of mass-produced, petroleum-based textiles. 

When constructed with natural fibers, textiles have the potential to support carbon drawdown from the atmosphere, rather than contribute to carbon emissions. Natural fibers like wool, cotton, alpaca, hemp, and flax linen can be grown and raised in ways that maximize the drawdown of atmospheric carbon into plants, trees and soils, to help restore ecosystem health and stabilize our climate. 

Fibershed’s Climate Beneficial™ verification program and label supports farmers and ranchers in landscape stewardship practices that center their work around building healthy soils while producing high quality food and fiber. We focus on engaging fiber producers and developing financial and technical support to increase the drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere, enhance biodiversity on our working lands, improve soil health and water-holding capacity, and provide measurable climate benefits. Some of these soil regenerating practices include applying compost to croplands and rangelands, planting hedgerows and windbreaks, restoring riparian zones, cover cropping, reducing tillage, and many more. Since the Climate Beneficial program’s inception in 2016, we estimate that the carbon farming practices our fiber producers have implemented have already drawn down over 17,000 metric tons of CO2e, and will sequester almost 80,000 metric tons over the next 20 years. Learn more about our verification process.

A number of innovative designers and brands have joined the growing Climate Beneficial movement. Below, we’re highlighting 10 Northern California-based makers and artisans who are a part of our Fibershed community that are incorporating Climate Beneficial fiber into their products. Explore the full list of participating brands here

Clothing and garments

Photos courtesy of Danu Organic, cropped by Fibershed

Danu Organic 

Danu Organic’s mission is to “create clothing that is healthy for our bodies, the earth and everybody involved in the growing and making process of our garments.” This brand values transparency, is detail oriented, and is mindful of the ingredients used in its clothing. Many of Danu Organic’s clothes are sewn with naturally colorful organic and Climate Beneficial cotton from Vreseis, and dyed with natural materials like flowers, roots, minerals, barks, and fungi. Recently, Danu Organic re-created its signature Hida Mountain Pants using Climate Beneficial wool — the brand’s first product using this fiber. 


Photos courtesy of Gynna Made

Gynna Made

Since 2016, Gynna Made has been providing thoughtful products with the earth in mind. Gynna Clemes, owner and operator of Gynna Made, is passionate about creating beautiful and functional clothing and home goods. She designs and creates every item in her home studio using the best materials available. Gynna sources most of her materials from other Fibershed producers across Northern California. Supporting her business means you are supporting collaborations between multiple Fibershed small businesses in the region.

Gynna Made specializes in premium zero-waste, made-to-order products including clothing, socks, and yarn, utilizing Vreseis colorgrown organic and Climate Beneficial cotton and Climate Beneficial wool. Currently, Gynna Made is offering the Golden State Bomber Jacket created with Climate Beneficial Rambouillet wool from Lani’s Lana.


Photos by Paige Green

Italia A Collection

The sustainable designer brand Italia A Collection is committed to creating beautiful clothing that is ethically and sustainably made. Based and manufactured in San Francisco, Italia A Collection values quality and responsible design. The brand was founded on circular, zero-waste design, and uses thoughtfully sourced natural fiber fabrics including Climate Beneficial wool. Explore previous lookbooks here, shop Italia A Collection’s Climate Beneficial Wool pieces here, and keep an eye on the brand’s website for new collections.


Photos courtesy of Val Des Monts, cropped by Fibershed

Val Des Monts

This innovative brand is committed to returning land to a healthier state while promoting change within the fashion industry. As part of this effort, Val Des Monts uses fibers sourced from ranching practices that heal, restore, and regenerate the soil.

Val Des Monts creates consciously-made beanies using Fibershed verified Climate Beneficial wool from ranches in Northern California following a carbon farm plan. Val Des Monts pieces are designed and manufactured using these regional fibers, designed in California, and manufactured in Texas and California.


Textiles, housewares, and other items 


Bottom left photo courtesy of Chico Flax; all other photos by Paige Green

Chico Flax 

Grown with love in Chico, California, Chico Flax offers the first commercially available Climate Beneficial, regionally-sourced, blended linen yarns, garments, flax, and more. Chico Flax is leading the way in regenerative agriculture production and processing systems for fiber flax in our region, bringing a new industry and social enterprise to Northern California in collaboration with local community members, farmers, artisans, and institutions. Products including yarn, fiber flax seed, housewares, and clothing are available to purchase online. Additionally, Chico Flax offers a number of classes, workshops and rents out looms.


Photos courtesy of Earth My Body, cropped by Fibershed

Earth My Body

Earth My Body offers handmade, naturally dyed and eco-printed textiles for the home and body — crafted with Fibershed Climate Beneficial wool and ethically wild gathered plants. You can find heirloom pieces like baby blankets, wall hangings, table runners, and more on the Earth My Body website. These pieces are made from Rambouillet wool that was raised, woven, and hand-dyed in California. In addition to home textiles and ready-to-wear garments, Earth My Body offers natural dye workshops.


Top left photo by Jill Hackett; top right photo courtesy of Full Circle Wool; all other photos by Paige Green

Full Circle Wool

Committed to a healthy future, Full Circle Wool works to connect people with the land they inhabit in a deep and nourishing way. As part of this practice, Full Circle Wool sources from Climate Beneficial farms and ranches in Northern California. These include Ferndale Farms, Stemple Creek Ranch, Vreseis, Lani’s Lana, Liberty Meadow, New Agrarian Collective, Jensen Ranch, and Hulsman Ranch. Proceeds return to those ranches to support carbon farming practices. 

Full Circle Wool offers products for the home, the body, and art practice. Products include wool sponges, kerchiefs, coasters, and more — explore more Climate Beneficial offerings here.


photo by Paige Green

Lani’s Lana

Lani’s Lana ~ Fine Rambouillet Wool is a commercial wool business and yarn line based in Cedarville, California. Created by fiber artist and rancher Lani Estill, Lani’s Lana offers fabric, yarn, and combed top. The wool for Lani’s yarn is sourced from the Bare Ranch, which is operated by Lani’s family. The ranch, located in Northeastern California and Northwest Nevada, operates under one of the first Carbon Farm Plans developed for sheep ranches in California. Her Climate Beneficial fabric is woven at Huston Textile Company in Rancho Cordova, California. In the Lani’s Lana online store, you can find natural wool yarns, fiber, clothing, and more.


Left photo courtesy of Meridian Jacobs, right photo by Paige Green

Meridian Jacobs

Located near Vacaville, California, the Meridian Jacobs farm has a flock of more than 70 Jacob sheep that supply naturally multicolored wool for handspinning, knitting, and weaving. Meridian Jacobs, who has been part of Fibershed’s Climate Beneficial Program since its inception, produces wool fiber and yarn from their Jacob flock and other local flocks, as well as a wide range of naturally colored and naturally dyed handwoven goods, sheepskins, and spinning and weaving equipment. Additionally, Meridian Jacobs offers fiber art classes and farm field trips.


photos by Sarah Lillegard

Milk & Honey 1860 

Located in Butte Valley, California, Milk & Honey 1860 is a small family farm specializing in artisanal goat milk skin care products and wool from heritage English Longwool sheep. All of Milk & Honey 1860’s products are grown, produced, and packaged on the farm — and you can even visit its Little Farm Store, which is open on Saturdays. In addition to goat milk products like lotion, soap, and shampoo bars, Milk & Honey 1860 offers yarn, roving, fleece, handmade woolen goods, and more.

Many of the designers and products profiled here can be found on the Northern California Fibershed Cooperative’s Fibershed Marketplace. Want to explore and support more brands that are incorporating Climate Beneficial fiber into their products? View the full list of participating brands here

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